The Best Countries to Invest in Real Estate

The Best Countries to Invest in Real Estatethumbnail

Real estate isn't just a good investment in the U.S. Many countries are, as of 2010, doing exponentially better in real estate than America. However, it all depends on what you invest in throughout those countries. It probably wouldn't surprise you to find good real estate opportunities in Asia, though you'll find even better places you may not have considered.

  1. Hong Kong

    • Forbes lists Hong Kong as a very good place to invest in real estate, particularly in buying office space. However, buying property for a home has exceeded the value of New York City, according to Forbes. If you want to get into investing in rental properties in Hong Kong, you can really cash in. Rents in areas like Traditional Center and Cheung Sha Wan have shot up as much as 52 percent.

    Sydney, Australia

    • If you want to live in Australia, the price of houses has skyrocketed in the last year, according to Forbes. In that regard, it's better to invest in rental property where rental yields are doing very well. Sydney is one of those top cities where renting out residential, commercial or industrial property can potentially make you a lot of money.

    Northern Cyprus

    • Northern Cyprus is one of the best markets for investing in residential housing, according to the Askmen website. The reason is because the economy has boomed there since 2003 after going through a depression for years due to internal battles from Greece and Turkey over control of the island. If you invest in housing there now, the potential to make money in the market is tremendous.

      The same goes for apartments and condominiums that can go for as much as $120,000, according to the Askmen website. Houses are topping out at over a quarter of a million dollars. Keep in mind that Southern Cyprus has much higher housing prices than Northern Cyprus does. However, Northern Cyprus has much more beautiful scenery that attracts home buyers.

    Munich, Germany

    • This may seem like an unusual choice, but according to Forbes, it's turning out to be one of the best markets in Europe for investing in office real estate. Real estate in general has also blossomed there since 2007 where nearly $10 billion was invested that year. Leasing rates for offices are soaring as of 2010 thanks to many international investments from around the world.

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    • Dubai is one of the very best places for real estate investments in the world, Askmen reports. Due to a low crime rate, high standard of living and growing luxury companies in this country, the desire to live there is increasing year by year. It also has a strong international business aspect that attracts many high profile people who will be looking for places to live. Housing and villa prices are ranging as high as $600,000. Condos and apartments can go for as much as a quarter of a million dollars. The added appeal in living there is the fact that Dubai is a rare place where taxes are non-existent.


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