How to Care for Home Appliances

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Home appliances should be long-lasting and durable, and routine care can ensure that they are. Caring for appliances includes regular cleaning, inspection and replacement of worn-out parts. This maintenance can prevent costly repairs and extend the life of your appliances. Although there are general ways that you can care for your home appliances, always read the manual for each piece so that you know specific care recommendations..



Things You'll Need

  • Surge protector
  • Kitchen degreaser
  • Oven cleaner
  • Vacuum
  • Dish soap
  • Clean rags
  • Broom
  • Humidifier filter
  1. Kitchen Appliances

    • 1

      Plug the microwave into a surge protector instead of a regular outlet. Microwaves contain solid-state circuitry, meaning power surges can damage the components. Clean the inside of the microwave with a kitchen degreaser once a week to keep it running efficiently.

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      Turn on all the burners on your stove once a month to make sure they work properly. Replace any burned-out electric burners. If the flames on your gas stove burn yellow, call a technician to check the gas lines. Remove the drip pans and scrub them until they are clean.

    • 3

      Replace the bulb in your oven whenever it burns out. Pull the oven and stove control knobs off, and wipe them down with a kitchen cleaner. Replace the knobs. Clean the oven with an oven cleaner to remove any baked-on food.

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      Check the freezer for ice buildup. If the ice is more than 1/4 inch thick, run the defrost. Vacuum the condenser coils at the back of the refrigerator. Empty the drain pan at the bottom of the unit. Remove expired and leaking food, and wipe down all the surfaces with soapy water, including the door gaskets.

    • 5

      Run the dishwasher only when it is full. Check the dishwasher racks for signs of rust, and replace them if you find any. Wipe down the inside of the dishwasher with soapy water once a month to prevent dishwasher-soap buildup.

    Other Appliances

    • 1

      Clean out the lint trap in the dryer every time you use it. Vacuum the dryer vent once a year to remove lint buildup. Sweep underneath the dryer once a month.

    • 2

      Open the washing machine lid and see if water leaks into the tub when the washer is off. If so, call a technician. Check all the hoses in the back of the washer for cracks and tears, and replace any that are damaged.

    • 3

      Replace your humidifier filter according to the manufacturer's instructions. Empty the water reservoir every two days to prevent mold growth.


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