Closet Remodeling Ideas

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For individuals that find their closets lacking in space or efficiency, there are several options for remodeling closets. With a few simple additions, such as shelving or clothing racks, a closet can be adjusted to make organizing your clothes, shoes, and accessories much easier.

  1. Shelving

    • Use shelving in your closet to hold clothing that doesn’t need to be hung. Use shelving of different sizes, depending on the space and what you need to organize. For example, if you have a linen closet, look for shelves the same width and length as your closet, but install shelves on the bottom that are taller in height. The taller shelves provide more space for storing larger or thicker blankets and pillows. Store towels, sheets and pillowcases on the top shelves, as the items are less bulky and used more frequently.

    Clothing Racks

    • Racks for your clothes are simple rods that provide a place for clothes to be hung from hangers. Install at two of these racks in your own closet, but place the racks at different levels. Use the bottom rack for clothes that are seldom worn, such as blazers, suits and party dresses. Use the taller racks for storing everyday clothing. Using multiple racks takes advantage of space that you might not otherwise use, such as the bottom of your closet.


    • Make room in your closet for small drawers. The drawers are perfect for storing items you use regularly but don’t want on display, including socks and undergarments. Place the drawers in an easy-to-reach location, such as directly underneath your clothing racks. You may want to add multiple drawers for storing tee-shirts, jeans and other lightweight items. Add new hardware to customize mass-produced closet drawers.

    Accessory Racks

    • Accessory racks can be useful for organizing smaller items that are otherwise hard to keep track of, such as shoes or ties. One of the more popular options is a shoe rack that looks like a cubbyhole. Arrange smaller shoes in a single cubbyhole or display heavier shoes side by side, in two cubbyholes. Companies also make organizers for ties, scarves and jewelry. If your closet space is limited, make your own by hanging a small key rack on the back of your closet door.


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