How to Compare Laminate Wood Floors to Engineered Wood Floors

For flooring, wood is one of the most popular choices to use. Real wood or hardwood floors, however, can be expensive. There are a couple of options to choose from that are more affordable than real hardwood: engineered wood and laminate wood floors.

Things You'll Need

  • Samples and specs of engineered wood and laminate wood
    • 1

      Compare the attributes. Engineered wood is real wood, except that the bottom part is plywood. The laminate wood is not real wood. The grain of the laminate wood is done in a process similar to photocopying and transferring the image onto the prefabricated wood base.

    • 2

      Compare absorption of water. Although both cannot hold up to long-standing water, engineered wood is more likely to get damaged quicker than laminate wood. Both of them can hold up well to light moisture.

    • 3

      Compare installation. Engineered wood can be installed by nailing or gluing or laid as floating floor. Laminate wood is installed only as floating floor.

    • 4

      Compare the ability to be sanded. Engineered wood can be sanded up to three times, while laminate wood cannot be sanded.

    • 5

      Compare resistance to scratch and wear and tear. Engineered wood is more prone to scratches and wear and tear than laminate wood.

    • 6

      Compare maintenance. Engineered wood needs occasional refinishing and waxing, especially after sanding. Laminate wood can be cleaned by using mop with water or solutions specially prepared for laminate wood.


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