Living at sea

I grew up in a neighborhood on the water, so it's not surprising that I feel the "siren's call of the sea." To me, there's nothing more relaxing or beautiful than the water, whether its a calm lake or a thundering ocean.

People who live in houseboats intrigue me, too. I understand what drives them - the desire to be as close to the water as physically possible - even if the concept of the houseboat intimidates me a bit. I love the idea of the houseboat, though, and think there's a lot of inspiration to be drawn from them, for even the most land-loving person.

Here are some great, inspiring and beautiful houseboats: 



These Hong Kong houseboats are the epitome of the traditional houseboat aesthetic - colorful but a bit run-down and thrown together. They're great inspiration, though.
Seattle Houseboat
The exterior of this modern Seattle houseboat is great-looking and functional. With multiple decks, the owners have tons of options when they want to hang out outside.
Seattle Houseboat
The inside of the houseboat above is open and modern - it's got everything anyone could want in a house on land or at sea.
Lake Union Houseboat

This houseboat on Seattle's Lake Union has all the characteristics of a cool on-land modern home. Plus, what's a great water view without gigantic windows?
Kerala Houseboat
In the Indian state of Kerala, houseboats are a common sight - and often available for rent to tourists.

I love the lines of this boat - all organic and curved and cool - and the way the shape connects indoors and out. These features would be great translated into on-land architecture, too.
Lake Union Houseboat
This funky mosaic-tiled Lake Union houseboat takes some of the traditional shantytown houseboat aesthetic and makes it artsy and cool.
Lake Union Houseboat
I love all of the outdoor spaces on this Lake Union houseboat. One deck's not enough - this space makes the most of its on-the-water location.
Lake Union Houseboat

I really like the beach cottage feel of this Lake Union houseboat. The cedar and the pier-like deck are perfect.


Lake Union Houseboat
My favorite Lake Union houseboats all incorporate a lot of greenery into their decor. It's not just living on the water - it's like living in a jungle AND on the water.

Amsterdam B&B

This B&B located on an Amsterdam canal is so friendly, with its hanging and potted plants and low profile. I like how it blends in with its surroundings - it's not the central visual attraction, but it fits with what's there.


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