How to Upgrade Accessories in Your Home

Rather than invest time and money in a full home redesign, consider the power of accessories. Upgrading accessories can refresh the space, increase functionality and provide new focal points for your interiors. Gather inspiration for accessorizing by studying furniture showrooms, antique stores, decor magazines and catalogs. Note which pieces, colors, materials, patterns and textures catch your eye.

Moderately Easy


Things You'll Need

  • Textiles
  • Art
  • Frames
  • Furniture hardware
  • Lighting
    • 1

      Study your current decor scheme. Try rearranging furniture, artwork and other accessories to open up space and make interiors flow. Identify the pieces that weigh down the space or do not fit in with your aesthetic. These accessories are prime candidates for an upgrade.

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      Determine your focal points in various rooms. Typically, the spaces above the fireplace mantel, above the dining room table, across from the living room couch and above the heads of beds have eye-catching accessories. Make these areas your priority, and choose accessories for them. Then accent with other details throughout the room.

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      Use artwork, heirlooms and do-it-yourself projects as key accessories. The best accessories are those that tell a story and reflect a side of your personality. Hang a favorite painting in a prominent frame over the fireplace mantel, and make a vintage vase or bowl the centerpiece of the dining room table.

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      Integrate high-end functional pieces into your home decor. Switch out plain furniture hardware for designer, artisan or vintage handles, knobs and hooks. Cover a boring light fixture with a stellar shade, such as a Moroccan hammered-tin lantern with colored glass insets. Hang a chandelier, a series of pendant lights or a bouquet of bright silk lanterns over a bed, coffee table or dining area. Outfit bathrooms with long bath sheets in Egyptian or organic cotton. Fit beds with high thread-count sheets and down comforters in beautiful duvet covers. Line a bed, couch or day bed with throw pillows in luxe fabrics.

Tips & Warnings

  • Avoid an impersonal look with matching sets of accessories. Instead, coordinate pieces by picking up a common accent color or detail.


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