How to Remodel a Small Bedroom

Remodel a small bedroom by adding space or changing how existing space is used. Add function with bookshelves, cabinets and storage systems. If a large-scale addition is not possible, increase square footage by building a bumpout. Paint to instantly change the look of a room.
Moderately Challenging


Things You'll Need

  • Graph paper and pencil
  • Measuring tape
  • Drywall equipment
  • Paint or wallpaper and equipment
  • Shelves, nails, brackets
  • Storage baskets, nets
  1. Sketch or Draft Your Design

    • 1

      Measure the room that is to be remodeled and outline it on graph paper. Each square on the paper will equal one foot. Looking at the outline on paper helps to clarify what you have to work with. Measure the furniture or other items you want to place in the room. Pencil all of the pieces onto the graph paper for a good fit.

    • 2

      Look at the surrounding rooms. To enlarge the space being remodeled, a wall to an adjoining room or hallway could be removed. A closet or niche might be taken out or "bumped" into the next room. A bay window added to an outside wall will make a small room bigger. Check to be sure you are not tampering with a load-bearing wall. Any structural changes should be looked at by a professional.

    • 3

      Paint and flooring will make the room seem larger. Light colors brighten a room. Dark colors draw your vision in, making the room look smaller. Mirrors will make a room look larger. Space-expanding optical illusions can be done with paint. Painting a ceiling white against colored walls will make the room appear taller. A mural painted or wall papered onto one wall will add dimension.

    • 4

      Add storage. Remove the bottom bunk from a set of bunk beds to create a simple loft bed. Add a desk, dresser or shelving in the open space below the top bunk. Create shelving by removing drywall and building shelves between studs. Add storage by building shelving around the room about a foot from the ceiling. Use the space to display collectibles or neatly folded clothes. Hang baskets to store clutter. Hang nets from ceiling corners to hold stuffed animals and toys.

    • 5

      Use the room for more than one purpose. Add a daybed, futon or trundle bed to make the room a bedroom/guest room and family/media room. A small bedroom can also serve as an office. The closet space of a guest room can be used for extra pantry storage or for out-of-season clothes.

Tips & Warnings

  • Think through what the new bedroom needs to provide.

  • Make plans on paper before you begin construction.


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