Shower Remodel Ideas

Redoing the shower adds value to your home and more comfort to your life. There are several shower remodel ideas you can consider before your remodeling project begins. Find one that works for your taste and budget.

  1. Tile

    • Consider a custom-built tile shower. A tile shower stall will last longer than plastic and porcelain shower stalls. This remodeling option allows for tile arrangements in various designs and colors. Installation will take longer, and you will not be able to use the shower for a few days while the tile adhesive and grout dry. So, consider these points before deciding on this remodel.


    • Add new fixtures to the shower can easily freshen an old shower stall or add flare to a new shower. Consider a hose shower head that allows you to detach the shower head from the wall and direct the flow of water to certain areas of the body or the shower walls. Another popular shower head option is the rainfall shower head that hangs out directly above the shower center, instead of raining water down at an angle from the wall. Various options are available for faucet knobs and handles as well. Try matching them to your existing bathroom decor and look for unique pieces that add to the allure of your new shower.


    • A very functional and convenient remodel idea involves placing a bench within the shower stall. The bench may be either a part of the shower or a piece that can be added and removed at will. A bench within the shower provides a spot for sitting shower items like shampoo and soaps, a seat for people who have trouble standing long periods of time and a great prop when you are shaving your legs. Prefabricated plastic, fiberglass and porcelain shower stalls often come with built-in benches. For a tile shower bench, you will have to build the bench as the tile is installed.


    • A bathroom remodel idea that will add instant value to your home is replacing shower curtain with shower doors. The doors are much more elegant and prevent more water from spilling out on to the floor than curtains do. Shower doors are available as both sliding models with two sliding panes or a single pane that hinges open. Typically, shower doors are made from frosted or translucent glass or strong plastics.


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