Washing Machine Tips

Washing machines are an integral part of our busy lives. Whether you have a front-loading or top-loading washing machine, keeping your washing machine in good working order lengthens the life of your machine and reduces the amount of repair needed.

  1. Front-Loader Odor

    • Keep your front-loader washing machine door propped open to reduce mildew buildup in the inner seal. Due to the design and position of the seals on many front-loading washing machines, they are prone to mildew build-up and odor. By keeping your door slightly ajar, you can help the seal dry fully between loads and prevent odors and mildew. If you are unable to keep your front-loader washing machine door open, wipe down the seal after you are finished washing for the day.

    Self-Dispensing Containers

    • Keep the self-dispensing containers clean of buildup. Over time these dispensers can have layers of dried soap and fabric softener that are magnets for dust and dirt. Prevent dirt and dust from getting into your washing machine by wiping your self-dispensing containers after each wash cycle. Consider having a bottle of water next to your washing machine that you can use to rinse down the dispensers quickly.

    Surge Protection

    • Protect your washing machine from electrical surges and damage by using a surge protector. Many modern washing machines are filled with electric circuit boards and equipment that is sensitive to changes in electricity. Plug your washing machine into a surge protector instead of directly into a power supply to add an extra layer of protection. Consider a whole house surge protector to protect all your valuable home appliances and electrical equipment.

    Routine Cleaning

    • Regularly clean your lint filter if your washing machine does not have a self-cleaning filter to prevent buildup that leads to clogging. Check your drainage hoses to ensure proper water flow and change the rubber hoses that connect your washing machine to the water faucets every 5 to 7 years to prevent leaks.


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